The CETC Garden Party August 2016

The Indian themed CETC Garden Party at Anstey Hall was a varied, entertaining evening with great food company and Indian dancers!

CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0440 CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0446Guest arrived on a balmy August evening at Anstey Hall in Trumpington to a glass of wine and an enjoyable evening of light conversation with old friends and new. There was an intermezzo in the form of a great performance by dancers  from the Sanskruti School of Dance, led by Krishna Zivraj-Nair (

CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0532 CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0476

There was only one speech by Chair Dr Andrea Lorenz, promising exciting new changes for the CETC in the coming year, with the program of events spreading into new location.

CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0540 CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0541

After a final Bollywood performance by the Sanskruti dancers and an inspired performance by members of CETC, there was a rush to the buffet provided by Pickwicks of Cambridge ( No worries, there was more than ample delicious Indian food for all tastes.


Many decamped to enjoy the comfortable evening on the Anstey Hall patio, with its view to the garden.

CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0451 CETC-garden-party-aug16-DSC_0565

Darkness descended and finally replete, guests reluctantly took their leave and departed after a memorable evening.

A special thank you to Thak Patel for providing us with a varied, entertaining evening with great food and company!


Full Photoalbum available here:

Video of the dances:

Photos, video and text by Chris Thomas