Plans for the 2018/2019 seminar series

Over the past few years the CETC has, with the help of excellent speakers and an inquisitive audience, been able to deliver a series of high quality seminars.

For the 2018/2019 series we are looking forward to a further run of seminars, as before to be on contemporary topics, exploring the best of Cambridge's technology and academia.

We return to the Future Business Centre on the third Thursday of every month from 1800 until 2030, with the seminar starting at 1830.


In October we will "Return to 3d Printing", with long-time sponsor Domino Printing Sciences in support.

November will see us exploring the concept of "Privacy in the 21st Century", hearing from both our friends in the legal profession and data scientists.

Our January seminar will consider one of this century's greatest challenges. The "Feed the World" seminar already sports agri-property consultancy Strutt & Parker on the speaker line up and we expect to hear a range of other angles also.

Looking forward to February and the months beyond we have the elephant of Brexit in our seminar room. We are not planning a specific seminar on this most major of events, but anticipate many of our speakers covering the topic within their talks.

In the summer of 2019 our sponsors will help to direct the various seminars: Goodfellow, Domino and TTP have yet to show their hands with a specific topic - and of course the world may have changed slightly by then - but we will publish full details nearer the time.


The Committee are keen to hear of potential speakers. If you know an expert in one of the topic areas above - however broad their connection - please do put them forward.


The Committee is composed of the following members:

Hugh Parnell - President

Andrea Lorenz - Chair

George Neville-Jones - Secretary

Nathan Hubbard - Treasurer

Chris and Jane Thomas - Events

Applicants to join the Committee are welcome - a further two committee members are sought for election at the November AGM, both with particular responsibility for the identification and invitation of speakers.