About the CETC

The Cambridge Enterprise & Technology Club provides a networking forum for business people, academics, technologists and service providers, together with a unique opportunity to learn about cutting edge technologies.

The Club was founded in 1992 – under its original name of the Cambridge Europe & Technology Club – as part of the (then) Department of Trade & Industry’s initiative to improve the UK’s business, exporting and technical skills.

The Club’s meetings usually take the form of evening seminars, preceded by a buffet. A highlight of the Club’s year is the annual Garden Party. Although the Club has a formal structure and programme of events, we strive for an informal atmosphere that allows members and guests to meet and talk with one another.

We hold monthly meetings on a range of topics, with an emphasis on subjects relevant to local businesses. There is a focus on new technologies and their applications. Many of our members have experience in companies that have grown rapidly by developing new products and by expanding into new markets, so there is plenty of knowledge to share.

We usually invite at least two expert speakers to make presentations at each seminar and a notable feature of the Club is the ensuing Question & Answer session. As a result there is ample opportunity for discussion and members are able to learn from each other’s experiences as well as from the experts.

The Club is a not-for-profit organisation with no political affiliation. We are governed by a written constitution and managed by an elected committee of the members.


The Committee is composed of the following members:

Hugh Parnell - President

Andrea Lorenz - Chair

George Neville-Jones - Secretary

Nathan Hubbard - Treasurer

Chris and Jane Thomas - Events

Applicants to join the Committee are welcome.